Drag'n'Drop and Copy/Paste support
1 supporter
funded: 5%
Support for Drag'n'Drop and Copy/Paste. This feature enables to either drag files and folders and drop them elsewhere or to copy them to the clipboard and paste them in the explorer or other programs.
Drive image extraction
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funded: 0%
Create a drive image from an existing snapshot. The image is a copy of what the volume looked like by the time the snapshot was taken. The image can be used by third party software for further inspection.


Manage System Protection settings
2 supporters
funded: 17%
Ability to maintain some System Protection settings inside ShadowExplorer. This includes: Turn System Protection on/off for individual volumes, set shadow storage size for each volume, delete Shadow Copies.
Search functionality
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funded: 0%
Simple search functionality based on file names. This includes wildcards or regular expressions but not file contents.


ShadowExplorer Portable

4 supporters
Portable version of ShadowExplorer that is suitable to be run off an USB drive or anywhere else without prior installation.