3D mode for Osmand
182 supporters
3D mode is required for great orientation on navigation map that issue was taken from in googlecode
fulltext street/address search with suggesting
269 supporters
The primary and most natural way for user to find some place is usually by starting to type a street name. (without first specifying city) After typing at least 3 letters, the screen space should be used to di...
OsmAnd plugin for OSM mappers
73 supporters
funded: 68%
Creating a plugin for OsmAnd that would enhance it to be a good OSM mapper tool. Enhanced POI creation, map address mapping support, etc.
OsmAnd could listen to me!
5 supporters
funded: 3%
Implement in osmand speach input using Google's Voice Search which uses online connection so that OsmAnd can be controled by voice in some ways. Like: navigate to, find nearest, find, etc.


Create a plugin API so that I can create my ...
4 supporters
funded: 3%
Meant for developers, OsmAnd will provide basic APIs to enable third party add-ons within the application. APIs for Map layers, menu, etc.
Offline routing for public transport!
100 supporters
Offline routing for public transport will use the OSM public transport links and going by foot to navigate you to your destination. However, without time schedules unless they are available.


Use Android's voice syntesis for spoken dire...

8 supporters
Would it be possible to use Android's built-in speech synthesis and not have to download voice data? That issue was taken form google code.

Need option to display imperial units (MPH, ...

3 supporters
Under Settings->Data or Settings->Map there is no option to use imperial units - miles instead of kilometers. That issue was taken from google code.

Preference for Maps-Folder

1 supporter
I would like to suggest a new option in the preferences allowing the user to manually set the path to the Tilestore and Maps-Folder so these folders could be shared between different apps. That issue was taken...

Offline long distance routing (navigation) -...

106 supporters
Note: This feature has been experimentally released in version 0.8. Please, continue bidding to support further development and fine tuning! The quality of routing is expected to be at basic level. OsmAnd wi...

(offline) vector rendering two times faster

26 supporters
This proposal si pretty straightforward. The rendering speed is good enough for the high-end phones. However for some midrange phones the speed is slow. Even though it might not be easy there should be techniq...